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Our life on this earth is like mist in the air. Moments are spent that are impossible to recreate. When there are no words to express your emotions it is the photograph that focus the feelings. I am blessed to savor life intensely by being a photographer that can document your love.

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A Wedding & Family Photographer based in Tempe, Arizona

My interest in photography began with my first film camera when I was 7 years old. I used a whole roll of film on an exotic chipmunk at Yellowstone. When I was 15 my father gifted me a nice film camera from Costco. While in college my mom gave me a Kodak digital camera for Christmas, and I never put it down. When I got married I splurged on a DSLR with our wedding money – I always had been interested in the arts.squareCreating and appreciating the beauties in ordinary days of life is a simple pleasure of mine. Since getting a DSLR, I have been teaching myself photography and love studying culture through experience. Photography forces an artist to focus on the truth of that moment. I love hearing and witnessing the love stories God has written for couples and my hope is for others to enjoy my photos and see that which could be easily overlooked in the swift passing of time.squareI owe it to the world to mature as a photographer. Souls are changed when they see the story a good photographer captures and it is my heart’s desire is to tell vivid personal stories through my lens, while sharing love and truth with the subject of my art. I grew as a photographer the year I captured over 10,000 portraits in China, Southeast Asia, and America. I live with my husband and 100 lb. German Shepherd, love good coffee, Paleo, and enjoy Crossfit.

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