Sightseeing Singapore: Traveling Tips & Sites to See

Singapore, the southern tip of Malaysia, the garden city, is a very safe clean country to add to your bucket list. What was once a British trading colony is now influenced by Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Exchange rate when we traveled Singapore: ($1 USA=S $1.20)

While traveling Singapore I would recommend these

3 Traveling Tips:

1) Carry an umbrella/poncho  and wear light weight clothing. (Freak rainstorms happen, you’ve been warned.)

2) If you’re young, stay at a hostel and befriend other travelers. Go sightseeing with them; it will make your trip that much better.

3) Take a tour of the city by foot. Singapore is a very bright and colorful city.

Singapore is pedestrian friendly. You can join a guided tour or do your own on the Singapore River. We personally befriended a guy from our hostel and did a private tour led by our very own travel guide, Denny (aka, my hubby).


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Singapore’s famous (FREE) tourist attraction, The Merlion Statues.




 5 Moments That made me Smile in Singapore

1) Attention coffee lovers, if you want a good cup of coffee in Singapore than visit this coffee shop. It was recommended by a local and it got the thumbs up by my hubby the coffee connoisseur.  Tong Ah Coffee Shop is snuggled in a very colonial looking area on Keong Saik Road. The baristas are warm and friendly. It’s a great place to start your day and meet locals or other fellow travelers.

36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
Tel: +65 6223 5083



2) Seeing romance alive. A chick flick seen in real time. An elderly couple strolling the streets of Singapore holding hands.


3) Admiring the diversity of plant life in the famous Botanical Gardens. The picture below is a Mangifera foetida (Horse Mango, Bacang). Besides it being a beautiful natural art exhibit it’s a FREE activity to stroll this park. i-n3JrWw3-L


(Tip: It’s a great place to take family pictures!)

Singapore’s faithful showers gave my husband and I are real tropical experience. The picture below is proof of this phenomenon. (Taken underneath my poncho while it was pouring cats-and-dogs.) The park flooded pretty quickly. It was majestic seeing the plant life in their natural element.

4) Seeing a mother and daughter just be. Watching this little girl’s face while playing with her mother brought me so much joy.


5) Being in Singapore; it was where I felt like I was getting the real Southeast Asia backpacking experience (My first of sleeping on the airport’s floor and in a hostel). I was living out my dream of traveling. Thank you God for this opportunity to backpack with my best friend and husband, DennyIMG_0076

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Can you think of 5 moments that made you smile today or this week?

If you would like other reasons to smile than check out my 10,000 Smiles Project.

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