Don’t Go to College: Day 87

Now that I let the cat out of the bag, let’s examine the title of this post, “Don’t Go to College”. Yes, college is a great place to get an education and I am grateful that I attended, but it’s not for everyone. Our world is rapidly changing. Baby Boomers who were taught about job security and being faithful to their company are being let go. The truth is “…the more specialized you become, the more you are trapped and dependent on that specialty.” Young college folks are having difficulty finding jobs with so many jobs becoming outsourced. For these reasons the gap between the wealth and the poor in America is going to grow exponentially in the coming years for my generation. Looking back at the titles idea, you don’t need to go to college if, you don’t need a certificate (ex. lawyer, educator, doctor). You can self teach yourself anything now with the internet, granted you have to be disciplined. You can be rewarded with your hard efforts by being self-employed. That is the future of America. That is where the security lies, in your hands.

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Quote: Robert Kiyosaki

Welcome the New Change

Are you wondering if you should go to college? We’re you one of those students who didn’t care about school because the subject matter didn’t interest you but you are a hard worker when it comes to something you’re passionate about. The truth that isn’t shared enough is that grades and scores don’t matter after schooling. It’s the character that you build that matters in the real world. Are you daring, brilliant and bold? These are the traits that decide your future. Would you like to be a multimillionaire? Well then you need to educate yourself on how the rich play the game. Learning in the long run is more important than job security.


Words of Wisdom

If You Go To College Take the Road Less Traveled


1) Set yourself up to not get caught in the Rat Race. Look long term.

[box] “Most workers focus on working for pay and benefits that reward them in the short term, but is often disastrous in the long. Instead I recommend to young people to seek work for what they will learn, more than what they will earn. Look down the road at what; skills they want to acquire before choosing a specific profession and before getting trapped in the “Rat Race.”[/box]JOB wisdom


Quote: Robert Kiyosaki

2) Become financially intelligent.

[box] “What I know makes me money. What I don’t know loses me money. Every time I have been arrogant, I have lost money.”[/box]

3) Educate yourself on the laws.

[box] “You need to know the law and how the system works. If you’re ignorant, it is easy to be bullied.”[/box]

4) Develop discipline.

[box] “…the world will push you around.” The world pushes people around not because other people are bullies, but because the individual lacks internal control and discipline. People who lack internal fortitude often become victims of those who have self-discipline.”[/box]

5) Be bold! Take risk. Let your failures inspire you. Believe in the gifts God has given you .

[box] “Often in the real world, it’s not the smart that get ahead but the bold.”[/box]


The whole idea of not having to attend college and learning the future of where America is heading came from this insightful book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. (Note: all quotes on this post are from Robert Kiyosaki)

Summary of the book: 

[box] “This war between the haves and have-nots has been going on for hundreds of years. It is the “Take from the rich” crowd versus the rich. The battle is waged whenever and wherever laws are made. The battle will go on forever. The problem is, the people who lose are the uninformed. The ones who get up every day and diligently go to work and pay taxes. If they only understood the way the rich play the game, they could play it too. Then, they would be on their way to their own financial independence. This is why I cringe every time I hear a parent advise their children to go to school, so they can find a safe, secure job. An employee with a safe, secure job, without financial aptitude, has no escape.”[/box]

Rich Dad, Poor Dad has shaped my mindset of how I am going to be employed and invest my money. If you are interested in having freedom with your time and securing your future yourself than read this book.

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Quote: Robert Kiyosaki

If you have read this book, what did you think? How did it impact you?

What other books would you recommend?


If you haven’t read the book, here is the FREE pdf.

Please let me know how the book impacts you.


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