Desert Ranch at Sunrise: Keith+ Desyre: Day 105


It’s lovely when God brings old friends back into your life. Friends are like chapters, sometimes they end with a season and some repeat in later chapters. My friendship with Desyre is a revisited chapter.

Desyre and I originally met on a summer missions project in Santa Monica through Cru in 2009. I hadn’t met her fiancé but had heard lots about him. It was great news this winter when I learned Desyre and Keith were moving to Arizona. It has been a blessing meeting Keith and seeing how he interacts with his beloved Desyre.

(We’re the two on the right side of the picture.)


The happy couple have been married a little over 3 years since March 22, 2010. I had the honor of capturing Keith and Desyre’s season of transition. They lived in South Africa for a year doing missions through Cru. As of recently, God has redirected their paths to cross ours and they are currently working for ASU’s (Arizona State University) Cru, a campus ministry.


You can tell a lot about a couple on how they can make each other laugh. Anyone that spends some time with these two will notice how Keith is gifted at making Desyre giddy. He could make her happy with the drop of a hat.


The two are new to our church Redemption Tempe. Welcome them. Desyre is a very safe person. People that get to know her quickly learn that she genuinely cares for them. Keith is “silly and carefree”. He can bring laughs into a room. Here is a taste of his humor. Get ready to be blown away.


Keith is a lover of coffee. Together they enjoy reading, movies and playing board games. They read the Harry Potter series together.

What kind of activities do you and your spouse enjoy together?

Keith surprised Desyre with a crafty date night of painting each place they have lived together as a couple. So far they have lived in California, South Africa and now Arizona. They will be in Arizona for sometime but what’s next?


See more photos from their session here.


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