Tempe’s Newlyweds: JD + Sara: Day 106


Little did Sara know while she was settling into Redemption Tempe’s community she would be meeting her future husband. They met through mutual friends at church. JD got Sara’s number while trying to get her connected to a small group. Didn’t you know that sharing numbers is for the good of building the community?

JD and Sara are still newly weds. They got married April 6, 2013. I am beyond thrilled I got to capture their newly wedding bliss months after their “forever I do’s”.


JD and Sara share many common interests: God, medicine and sports. JD is a paramedic and Sara is a nurse.


JD knows what a good catch he has. You can see JD’s love with the way he looks at her.


Sara you are truly beautiful.


One of the best things about JD and Sara is how they make you feel at ease. They are so comfortable in their own skin.


For their first Christmas as a married couple, JD + Sara wish you a Merry Christmas!


We ended the session at a warehouse playing football and watching the sunset.


I’ll end this post with my favorite picture of the evening.


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10,000 Smiles

10,000 Smiles is a photography project that I am doing for the year 2013. Read more about why I am doing this project. You can vote for the picture that makes you smile by listing the number of the picture in the comment box at the end of the post.

10,000 Smiles Project 2013 10,000 Smiles Project

She’s a cutie!


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