Bright Family Portraits at an Art Museum: Day 107


The Koehler and Minkner family gathered together on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the Shemer Art Center to document their current season of life.

Family Photos Matter

Jon and Peggy met at Camelback Bible Church and have been married for 26+ years since February 14, 1987. The digital pictures we took will that day will be seen by future generations. Those generations will have more insight into their family background. Continue to look at this post and see Jon and Peggy’s legacy.

The Koehler Family

Jon currently teachers computers at the a local community college. During his free time he plays the guitar and watches Star Trek.

Peggy went back to school for photography. During Peggy’s free time she likes to garden and watch light-hearted historical british comedies.

Sarah is a very classy girl on how she conducts herself. She is at the present time in school for music composition. I learned during the session that she also plays the piano but sadly there wasn’t an outdoor piano for her to play on. Sarah loves to sew and watch Wes Anderson movies.

Sarah’s favorite composition in this hymnal is “To the Evening Star”.

The Minkner Family

“As days roll into years, and the years roll into decades a family changes.” David Phillips

The newest addition to the Koehler family is Shawn. Shawn and Hannah have been married for 2 years. Stay tune for their couple session on this blog.

Hannah is the owner of Minkmade, a photography and design business. She loves thrift stores, thrill rides and travel. She has an eye for design, you can follow her on Instagram.

Shawn is Hannah’s husband. He currently works at Lowes. He is an avid gamer and loves their Corgis dog Waffles. Shawn also likes to watch older psychological and action thrillers.

Memories Are Being Made

I had Hannah pick a word to describe each family member.
Jon: Cheerful
Peggy: Thoughtful
Sarah: Intelligent
Shawn: Analytical
Hannah: Creative

If you know them, what additional positive words would you use for this family/family member? If you can’t think of a word, do you have a favorite memory with this family?

These figurines represent the Christmas story.
The baby figurine is Jesus.

A mother-daughter picture.

Sisterly love. Love your life and the ones it in.

The session ended with a sudden desert blizzard. I told you East coasters that it snows in the desert.

The Koehler & Minkner’s wish you a

Merry Christmas!


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10,000 Smiles

10,000 Smiles is a photography project that I am doing for the year 2013. Read more about why I am doing this project. You can vote for the picture that makes you smile by listing the number of the picture in the comment box at the end of the post. 10,000 Smiles Projecti-2TJgPpc-M i-k2sTPRh-M i-x6WhqKB-M


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