The Second Must Have Portraits on Your Wedding Day: Grandparents


You have hired on a wedding photographer to capture some of the best moments of your day. There are a variety of portrait ideas you could choose from. So much so, that trying to make the decision on which portraits are a priority can start to feel overwhelming. When you receive your photos from your photographer, you will want to have a content heart for the photos you hold in your hand and stare at with your eyes. If you want to have that feeling read below.

Prioritizing your portraits is a must. The second “must have” portrait that needs to be on your list are your grandparents. It’s not a obvious choice, and that is why we are writing about it. Having portraits of your grandparents are priceless treasures you will have forever to look back on and remember the generations throughout your family. These are going to be photos you will cling to and preserve.

Some grandparents even travel from far places just to be at their grand child’s wedding to celebrate their new marriage. It is such a critical detail to capture on film because of the time and effort it took for them just to be there for you. Grandparents are such a sweet reminder of how the legacy of your family started with their love and that is where your love will begin.

When you get married, an inheritance of love is being passed on to you. If you think about it, one side alone is about fifty years of marriage. Then between four sets of grandparents, you have 200 years of marriage wisdom already under your tree. If you haven’t thought about it yet, start thinking about it because it will undoubtedly become one of the greatest joys of your wedding day.

Grandparents at a wedding | Arizona Winter Wedding | The Paseo Wedding | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer | April Maura Photography | www.aprilmaura.com_3553.jpg

Venue:  The Paseo

Candid of a grandmother at a wedding | Secret Garden Events Wedding | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer | April Maura Photography | www.aprilmaura.com_3555.jpg
Bride dancing with her grandmother | Secret Garden Events Wedding | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer | April Maura Photography | www.aprilmaura.com_3556.jpg

Venue: Secret Garden Events

A little nifty wedding tip to help you plan for Grandparent portraits is to find a photographer who prioritizes getting your grandparents on film. They will understand the importance of seeing generational love shared. If they understand the value of inherited family love stories, then you can feel assured that they will make it happen and your grandparents will be photographed on your special day.

Grandmother smiling during toasts | The Ashley Castle Wedding | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer | April Maura Photography | www.aprilmaura.com_3549.jpg

Grandfather smiling at the groom | Royal-Palms-Resort-and-Spa-Wedding-Photos-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photos-April-Maura-Photography-www.aprilmaura.com_1450.jpgHearts melt over seeing a adorable couple still celebrating their love after 50+ years of marriage.
Grandparents kissing at a wedding | The Paseo Wedding | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer | April Maura Photography | www.aprilmaura.com_3552.jpg

Venue:  The Paseo

Venue: Secret Garden Events

As a wedding photographer, capturing your grandparents if a must. They are a priority because I hold grandparents so dearly in my heart. Grandparents remind me what a gift photography really is. By taking one photo, I’m preserving a piece of time in that single moment. The rest of your life can be impacted in significant ways just from taking these kinds of photos.

I am personally so thankful for my own Grandma. She is an amazing woman. My grandparents were like second parents to me as they taught me many of the values I hold dear to my heart today.

Thank you to Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa William for surrounding me with opportunities to see the world and develop a global perspective. Taking overseas trips such as France and Spain, planted a seed of love for traveling and wanting to see more countries. I would have never known I loved to experience other cultures so much if I didn’t get the chance to go and travel.

Thank you Grandma for the way you preserve our love by writing “snail mail” letters to me. When I get them, they are the sweetest surprises to my heart. I contribute the gifting and inspiration I have for reading books to you. From reading “The Lazy B”, “Anne Frank” and “The American Girl” series I felt more and more inspired.

Thank you above all else for valuing experiences over material things and for loving my sister Lauren and I with your whole hearts! I hope and pray that we can one day gift the same love and devotion you show us with our own grandchildren!
Grandmother portrait | Grandma | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer | April Maura Photography | www.aprilmaura.com_3546.jpg

This is one moment from my Wedding day in 2010 of my Grandfather starting to dance with me. Grandpa William, you are loved and missed. Everyone who knew you, knew how much you cared and loved Grandma

Just as my own Grandparent portraits are ones I will never get tired of, I feel confident to say that you will feel the same about yours. They will be the photos that will continue to keep on giving. To your own children and your children’s children.



Fuji 400 Film photo of Grandma: Little Film Lab | Venue:  Encanterra Country Club  | The Paseo | Secret Garden Events | Picacho Peak | Sovereign Grace Church  in Gilbert| Photographer: APRIL MAURA PHOTOGRAPHY | Venue: The Ashley Castle | Royal Palms Resort and Spa Second Photographed with Rachel Solomon Photography.

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