Top 5 Winter Wedding Venues in St. Louis

Their feet sink into the fluffy and bright white snow. Two sets of footprints from two precious lovers. It’s a December afternoon with the sun shining and giving off a touch of heat. The night brought on a heavy burden of snow to town, but the new day brought the light. This new day also brings the beginning of a new journey for the special couple. They have been waiting all year long in eager anticipation for the day to commit themselves to unconditional love forever. Their wedding day. An all white everything, with glistening magical lights to light up the winter sky. The bride and groom get ready with their separate wedding parties both dreaming about the magical moments which lie ahead of them. Romance is sure to fill the air with the candle light ambiance and subtle cozy fire places their wedding venue will offer.

As they get ready in their rooms, they both stare out the window to the blue skies and white snow imagining what the other may look like for the first time. She looks like a ice princess and he looks like her charming prince. They know it’s time to see each other. Their footprints in the snow are left behind again. Their footprints in the snow join together in one spot where their eyes lock and gaze into the depth of the heart. Photos of their first look are gently and carefully captured before they have to start the ceremony. While they intimately share sacred time, the guests fall into place one by one as the warm ceremony room cozies up to greet them. The guests’ have been looking forward to their close friends’ wedding taking place right after the most magical time of the year. To show just how much the bride and groom appreciate their guests’, they chose a hearty winter meal to delight their tummies with. The end of the night comes with a send off of tenderness and thoughtfulness on another winter night. The snow delayed itself until the end. Snow began it’s decent again to grace the newlyweds on their newest adventure together with purity and with stillness.

Winter weddings are a dream come true. Deep rose reds, pure velvet whites, and luscious emerald greens are tones that make any heart fill up with love and wonder. A winter wonderland wedding can be created and captured to its fullest capacity in the beautiful city of St. Louis. If you are a St. Louis bride looking for a wedding venue during the winter season, these 5 venues will be sure to satisfy your winter princess bride craving!

Top 5 Winter Wedding Venues in St. Louis

Four Seasons Hotel St Louis:

Located smack dab in the middle of downtown St. Louis district and near the Gateway Arch, this venue has everything from breathtaking view of St. Louis to a gorgeous rooftop terrace. With urban vibes surround the location, any modern wedding style will be the perfect match. Their grand modern window staircase is a landmark at the Four Seasons Hotel. You can begin to dream about your wedding photos with the Gateway Arch in the background. You will be able to go with the indoor or outdoor wedding depending on what you want. To see wedding videos of the Four Seasons Hotel click here.

Jewel Box at Forest Park

If you are looking for a venue that can take on either a winter or summer wedding, then this gem is your spot! Depending on the weather, the greenhouse outside and around Forest Park makes for beautiful wedding portraits. Not to mention they have 50 ft. vaulted glass ceilings and walls to take a wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. Florals galore are permanently displayed to supplement whatever seasonal flowers are in. This venue fits any wedding looking for a majestic and magical feel. Click here to see updated photos taken at St. Louis’s Jewel Box.

The Chase Park Plaza

As a lover of the Roaring Twenties, this historic boutique hotel, is all about the glitz and glam. Think old Hollywood kind of glam. With iconic and elegant detailing, this St. Louis based hotel has jaw dropping views of Forest Park as well as the Gateway Arch. Vintage chandeliers are a trademark in the hotel Empire room. “Roman times” inspired the grounds of Chase Park Plaza with a pool coupled by a courtyard. The location of the venue will have your guests thanking you. There is easy accessibility to the City at Clayton business district such as the Magnificent Fox Theater, Powell Symphony Hall, and the St. Louis Science Center. This is a venue fit for an elegant bride who still has a modern edge.

Boo Cat Club

The Boo Cat Club is infused with modern architecture, straight edged structures, and art appreciation. You can experience St. Louis’ famous red clay bricks right in their own backyard. In fact, there are a few historical outdoor buildings at the Boo Cat Club that represent a deep understanding and care for the arts to keep it in high regards. This club also uniquely supports the city’s working artists to demonstrate their appreciation. Couples who are getting married here are offered three main rooms for their wedding space: The Ballroom with vaulted glass ceilings, The Catacombs with historical columns, and The Theatre with of course the marvelous stage set. To see more wedding inspiration of this space click here.

Willow ( Baileys’ Restaurants)

St. Louis Bailey’s restaurants is a sophisticated and charming eloquent space. You will have windows stretching from the floor all the way to the ceilings. The St. Louis history is all over this two story venue and will have your mouth watering for their deletable catering meals. Clean, simple, and fresh is what Willow is all about. They have a modern color palette that will surely make the dreams of a contemporary bride come true. 

The heart of St. Louis has many qualities to offer a bride and groom for their wedding day. Especially when you add dreamy white snow into the mix. These top five venues will rock your winter wonderland wedding dreams in historic, modern, and romantic ways that you never thought were possible!



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